The Library and Museum will be closed  Monday September 2nd


Library and Museum Hours: 

 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

March 1st  through December 20th


              The Library is open until 8:00 pm, the first Wednesday of the month, March through December.


The Museum will be open Sunday's  2pm - 4pm 
from June 2nd  to Oct 27th

Visit the site of Fort Augusta and see its two original remaining features, the well and the powder magazine. Check out the scale model of the fort from the observation deck. Explore the museum and the historical and genealogical research library.

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Genealogical Library

Charlotte Darrah Walter library offers old newspapers and tax records on dvd and scores of genealogical reference books.

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Fort Augusta & Hunter House

Pennsylvania's stronghold in the upper Susquehanna Valley from of the French and Indian War to the close of the American Revolution

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Explore our collections!

March through December
Mon., Wed. and Fri.
1 to 4 PM

Group tours by appt.
Call 570-286-4083

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